If you are being mistreated at work, you may wish to consider raising a grievance. Our solicitors will assess your circumstances and advise you on the best strategy. 

It is often sensible to try and resolve your complaint informally, first, and we can help you with any discussions. An informal solution though might not always be possible and, if so, we will guide you through lodging a grievance and further action if needed.

There are other options to consider as an alternative to raising a grievance, or in conjunction with lodging one, such as negotiating a deal with your employer or exploring mediation. We have plenty of experience when it comes to making these tactical decisions. 

It is important that any grievance accurately reflects the allegations and relevant factual background, and that there is consistency should you pursue an Employment Tribunal claim. We can help you with the detailed drafting of the grievance and assist you throughout the process, including at the investigation and grievance hearing stages. We can also advise you on the outcome and help you with any appeal.

If you have a question about grievances, talk to our solicitors today.



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