Disciplinary action

Being subject to a disciplinary process is often a stressful experience. Our solicitors are on hand to guide you throughout the process. If you are facing disciplinary allegations, we can advise you on how best to counter the allegations and put forward your case. 

Your employer may have had no justification in taking disciplinary action against you or, perhaps, has failed to follow correct procedures. There could be potential claims to consider such as unfair dismissal, breach of contract and discrimination. We will support you at every step.

Our solicitors represent your best interests, so we will always be honest about our view on the likely disciplinary outcome, including any risk that your employment could be terminated and the consequences. You may need advice on the implications of resigning before a disciplinary hearing or how a dismissal could affect any reference request.

If you are carrying out a regulatory role, there could be other considerations. Where Financial Conduct Authority firms are recruiting employees carrying out ‘controlled functions’, for example, there is an obligation on employers to provide relevant information to ensure that the employee is fit and proper for the role. There are also more onerous requirements for certain types of regulatory positions. Our solicitors have a great deal of experience in the finance sector.

If you are facing disciplinary action, talk to us as soon as possible and get the support of our solicitors to guide you through the process.



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