Dealing with an employee grievance can be stressful and disruptive if you don’t follow a fair and clear process. We’ll help you ensure that your grievance process is clear-cut and compliant and if you are handling a grievance, our expert employment law solicitors are here to support and represent you through the process. 

We’ll make sure you have the right processes in place to guide your actions when a grievance occurs, assisting with up-to-date employee documentation and contracts. 

It’s great to be prepared, but we know that some grievance cases come as a surprise, perhaps through the unpredictable action of another employee. In the event of a potentially damaging grievance claim, it’s important that you talk to us right away so that our solicitors can help you avoid mistakes that could be costly. We are highly responsive, so when you need immediate advice, call us.

We can advise you on:

  • grievance procedures
  • investigations
  • grievance hearings
  • witnesses
  • record keeping
  • sanctions
  • appeals
  • references (including requirements for regulated roles) 

Talk to us today about your grievance procedures and if you have a potential grievance to deal with, talk to us immediately.



Matt is the founder of Lombards and advises employers and employees on all aspects of employment law. Matt has built up exceptional experience and knowledge from his time at leading employment law firms, including at a well-known City employment law firm. Matt is an accomplished legal commentator, regularly appearing on Sky News to talk about employment law issues that affect both employers and employees and his employment law articles are featured in The Guardian and The Independent.