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Every business should be doing their utmost to foster a workplace free of discrimination. Our solicitors will help ensure that your business has the right practices in place to offer your staff an equitable working environment. 

If you face a discrimination claim through the actions of a staff member or legacy employment practices, we will guide you through defending the claim and seeking a fair outcome for all. We will represent you at the Employment Tribunal or seek a remedy through settlement.

We advise on all issues relating to workplace discrimination and strongly believe that ensuring that appropriate measures are in place first, significantly reduces the risk of exposure to discrimination claims. Our knowledgeable solicitors will help you stay up to date with legislation.

We can help you with the following:

  • Best recruitment practice
  • Your equal opportunities’ policy and other relevant policies
  • Equal opportunities’ training for managers
  • Record keeping
  • Pay gap reporting
  • Internal audits

Even if you have the best practices and procedures in place, you could nevertheless be faced with a discrimination complaint. Our solicitors will support you through what can be a painful and difficult situation. 

Whether you need guidance on an internal investigation, assistance with responding to a grievance or advice about an appeal, we will help you deal with the situation calmly and professionally, seeking a fair outcome.

If you have an impending grievance or Employment Tribunal claim, talk to us immediately, so we can advise you on the best course of action. For support in preventing discrimination in your workplace, talk to our solicitors today.



Matt is the founder of Lombards and advises employers and employees on all aspects of employment law. Matt has built up exceptional experience and knowledge from his time at leading employment law firms, including at a well-known City employment law firm. Matt is an accomplished legal commentator, regularly appearing on Sky News to talk about employment law issues that affect both employers and employees and his employment law articles are featured in The Guardian and The Independent.

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