Data protection is one of the most important areas that companies need to be aware of. We’ll keep you up-to-date with legislation and assist you with compliance. 

Data protection issues are often ignored, and it’s easy to be out of date with compliance measures. The fines from the Information Commissioner’s office can be severe, but it is the risk to the business itself from a damaging breach that should encourage all companies to adhere to the legislation. Don’t leave it to chance; our solicitors are experts who know the law and will help you protect your business.

The General Data Protection Regulations came into force in May 2018, introducing six data protection principles, various obligations on data controllers and tough enforcement measures. 

To ensure that you comply with the rules and minimise your risk of a fine you must take accountability for what you do with personal data. You need to keep records as an appropriate audit trail to be able to demonstrate compliance.

Our solicitors are here to help you with guidance on data protection issues, including:

  • drafting your data protection policy
  • drafting your privacy notice (setting out information about the collection and use of your employees’ data)
  • assisting with internal audits and impact assessments
  • training your staff on data protection issues
  • advising you on any specific compliance concerns

Talk to us today about any queries on data protection to ensure that you get the latest specialist advice.



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