We seek the best possible outcome
for you in all circumstances

Who we are

Lombards is a niche employment law firm in the City of London. We are specialists in employment law, working both for employers and employees. Our solicitors have decades of experience between them in solving workplace disputes, negotiating settlement agreements and advising on all aspects of employment law. Our people are highly thought of solicitors who achieve excellent results.

Our approach

We seek the best possible outcome for you in all circumstances. We pride ourselves on our openness and honesty and the way we bring value to all our clients. We build a relationship of trust with you and will never recommend action that could be detrimental to you in terms of cost or career. We put your interests first and if we can’t add value, we will tell you.

Our solicitors are all personable and straightforward with a wide experience in employment law. Our personable approach is based on an understanding that people like to deal with people who take the time to understand their concerns. 

Whether you are a company that needs advice or an employee with a grievance or settlement agreement, our solicitors will make accessing the correct legal advice painless.

Who we work for

We work for both employers and employees, which means that we are truly independent in our approach to your case. We are not restricted in thinking by only working for one kind of client and we have gained a wide experience in all types of employment law, seeing cases from every angle. This gives us a breadth of understanding of current employment law that is second to none.

How we approach your case

We recognise that each case is different, and we appreciate the importance of quickly grasping your situation and preferred outcome. Our solicitors are efficient and diligent, getting to the key issues in your case swiftly and accurately.

When assessing what option to pursue, aside from the legal aspect, there will usually be other considerations to factor in such as costs, time, risk to reputation and circumstances pertinent to you. We are alive to the wider picture and will tailor our advice, accordingly. We approach cases with subtlety and respect, and we won’t advise you to do something that will cause you greater harm.


Because we are a niche practice and approach all cases efficiently our competitive charge out rates are often lower than other City of London law firms. We are open about our rates, which you can find here:



Matt is the founder of Lombards and advises employers and employees on all aspects of employment law. Matt has built up exceptional experience and knowledge from his time at leading employment law firms, including at a well-known City employment law firm. Matt is an accomplished legal commentator, regularly appearing on Sky News to talk about employment law issues that affect both employers and employees and his employment law articles are featured in The Guardian and The Independent.

Email:    mg@lombards.co.uk